Analogue Passive Speaker or Digital Active Speaker

NEWS Analogue Passive Speakers or Digital Active Speakers? This article aims to explain different loudspeaker technologies available in the domestic audio market and how Goldmund adoption of these technologies evolved over time. TERMINOLOGY The terms powered and active speakers have often been used interchangeably. However, they are not exactly synonyms. Certain active speakers are not …

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Goldmund Factory in Geneva, production of high-end sound system

Swiss Acoustic Fidelity

NEWS Swiss Acoustic Fidelity At Goldmund, extraordinary people build exceptional sound systems. Discover how Goldmund is transforming vision into reality in our factory in Geneva, Switzerland. To download the video, click on the icon above, then right-click with your mouse and select the save video option.

is high resolution audio worth it?

Does High-Resolution Audio Sound Better?​

NEWS Does High-Resolution Audio Sound Better? Audiophiles, audio professionals and scientists tend to disagree about whether high-resolution digital audio sounds better than standard, CD-quality audio. This paper examines the technical and psychoacoustic issues to find an answer. With the recent advent of high-resolution downloads, audiophiles have enthusiastically embraced high-resolution digital audio. Digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are …

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High-End Audio Systems with Wynn Audio at Interior Design Show

WYNN Audio on Tour

NEWS WYNN Audio on Tour Our distributors – WYNN Audio – had a busy 2018. Events they attended included : => Toronto Audio Fest a fun, family event, focused on audio, presented by manufacturers, distributors, and Canadian retailers. The event presented educating seminars with top personalities of the industry, multiple live acoustic music events, wine pairing, a …

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Goldmund Satya, luxury wireless speakers, stereo speakers

XFI Eindhoven 2018

NEWS XFI Eindhoven 2018 Goldmund’s sleek design, world-class sound quality, and ease of use were present at XFI 2018 represented by our exclusive Dutch distributors, PUUR Audio. The benchmark premium show in Netherlands audio landscape took place in September 22 & 23 at Koninhshof, Veldhoven, for two days of live demos of Goldmund active wireless speakers …

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