Collectors’ items of extreme rarity and value

The legend started with the Goldmund Reference vinyl record turntable in 1982 which used the T3 Tonearm technology, the foundation stone of Goldmund company. The Reference was presented at CES and was largely applauded at the show. Goldmund Studio Turntable LP was selected by the Absolute Sound (TAS) in 1983 as one of the 12 Analog Components. That Shook the Audio World.

Eidos Reference

In 2003, Goldmund issued the Eidos Reference CD/DVD Player. This piece was the result of 20 years of research in digital playback systems, of studying all the factors that take place in reading the optical disk perfectly. To achieve these results it has been necessary to resort to technologies previously reserved for military applications. It has been necessary to develop specific materials and devices previously non-existent in the industry.

Reference II

Later in 2007, Goldmund built the Reference II turntable using a level of sophistication never encountered in a turntable before. This model was a limited edition of 25 pieces. It used the T8 linear tonearm and could receive up to 3 pivoting arms in total.

Eidos Reference Blue

In 2007, 25 years after the first Reference, Goldmund introduced a new limited series in the digital domain of the Goldmund Eidos Reference. In 2009, Goldmund presented the Eidos Reference Blue, a version providing the playback of BluRay discs in addition to the DVD and CD playback of extreme quality already present in its famous predecessor. Built on a similar base as the Eidos Reference, the player was available as a limited series of 50 units, all hand-built at the Goldmund Geneva factory.
Goldmund’s best and most famous technologies were used in the Eidos Reference Blue.

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