Craftmanship is a vital part of Goldmund DNA. But before our artisans can begin their work, there is a prior step that contributes to make Goldmund sound systems unlike any other Hi-Fi system: the sourcing and selection of the materials. The selection of the materials we use is not arbitrary. We use only the finest. They improve our products’ overall performance and enhance their aesthetics and sophistication.


Goldmund satin silver finish is a sparkling interpretation of aluminium. The platinum-like surface results from microbead blasting impact treatment and anodization. This special alloy is used in military mechanics for its extreme robustness. The aluminium contributes to a solid product construction for minimizing distortions even further. Quality control personally inspects every millimetre of the aluminium employed, ensuring geometric perfection and guaranteeing that microscopic flaws aren’t overlooked. Once the product is assembled, the material undergoes a delicate cleaning only once deemed flawless.


Our products are the ultimate expression of sophistication. They result from a profound aesthetic research, precise production processes, and high-quality materials including precious metals. Gold is incorporated into our products and has both a cosmetic and functional use. The cosmetic gold parts are polished by the same craftsmen who work with the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry to achieve a pristine shine.


An ultra-resistant plastic, it can be sculpted as metal. It is for electrical isolation of the mechanical parts of Goldmund products where metal cannot be used due to its conductivity.


This half-precious metal is used in our products for its excellent thermal and electrical conduction properties.


Built from sand and glue, the resin absorbs spurious vibrations and weights down the product. It is used in our amplifiers but also other products in order to minimize spurious vibrations and prevent distortions even further.


This form of tar is a high-density material. Even a small volume of it can significantly increase the weight in the enclosure and prevent it from vibrating and reasoning, thus reinforcing the results of our products’ mechanical grounding.


To avoid the modes inside the speakers we use a special type of foam. Modes are distortions in the membranes resulting from the reflection and bounce of sound waves inside the enclosure. The foam makes the field as diffuse as possible, avoiding stationary areas and improving the acoustic quality.