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Milestones in Goldmund


1978 – Goldmund T3 Tonearm was created by 2 university students, Michel helped present them to the audio industry in 1979.

1980 – Michel bought Goldmund and brought it to Geneva.

1983 – Reference was presented at CES which was largely applauded at the show. Goldmund Studio Turntable LP was selected by the Absolute Sound (TAS) in 1983 as one of the 12 Analog Components. That Shook the Audio World.

1987 – Birth of the first Goldmund Electronics – Mimesis 2 and 3.

1988 – Birth of Apologue, the legendary speaker with the unprecedented design which was soon become part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

1990 – Goldmund started developing digital products, officially entered the digital era.

1997 – Goldmund introduced Mini Logos Passive, the first high-end speaker dedicated to multichannel home cinema solutions.

2002 – Birth of the first Goldmund digital processor – Mimesis 24. This was the first step towards the extreme multi-channel solution.

2003 – Goldmund introduced the first active speaker – Mini Logos Active.

2007 – Goldmund launched a revolutionary home theatre system – The Media Room.

2012 –Goldmund successfully implemented wireless technology to high-end digital standalone speakers without compromising sound quality. It opened a new chapter for Goldmund of producing wireless high-end active
speakers, and thus brought Goldmund again to the industry-leading position.

2013 – Apologue Anniversary was launched as the tribute to the original Apologue speaker with limited 25 pairs.  The design was identical to original Apologue, but the Apologue Anniversary was completed with the most advanced technology Goldmund had developed during the 25 years that created incredible sounds. ProLogos Active Wireless Speaker was also launched in the same year, the sleek 1 box design inspired by the Apologue opened the door for Goldmund speakers to enter family living rooms.

2015 – Logos Satya was launched. With all the accumulated market feedback and technology success, Satya was created with unique 2-box design that reached a perfect balance in all dimensions. Satya has become a real success that opened a new chapter for Goldmund’s digital active speakers.

2017 –Goldmund NextGen Amplifiers: after the long success of Goldmund’s incredible amplifiers, Goldmund engineers were able to surpass past Goldmund amplifiers’ level of performance, Goldmund NextGen Amplifiers were launched and  further pushed Goldmund’s success to a new peak.

2018 – Built on the major success of Satya, Goldmund introduced the new active wireless speaker Samadhi with scaled-up  sounds and performance. Samadhi, Satya, and Prana (will be launched in late 2018) form a new premium speaker series that best represents the success and legacy of Goldmund’s 40 years continuous devotion to true sounds.