pure sound

Introduced by Goldmund in 1982, the “Mechanical Grounding™” building technology uses physics laws to evacuate vibrations from any structure, allowing lower resonance from speakers but also from electronics, where mechanical vibrations are one of the major sources of coloration. As a result, there is no overemphasis on certain tones and the sound preserves its naturalness.

Mechanical Grounding Technology Against Audio signal distortion
Mimesis 22H NextGen HiFi Analog Preamplifier


pure sound

The Goldmund Alize technology uses a specially designed, unique kind of ultra-linear, time-coherent analogue filtering, achieving a time error of less than 100 picoseconds in the bandwidth. The three major parts of an Alize D/A circuit are :


  • => A new type of digital interface with quartz locked frequency that cancels all jitter from the signal.
  • => Ultra-fast D/A circuitry : Alize topology is undergoing continuous improvements.
  • => A new kind of extremely complex analogue filtering (multi-stage) with extreme time alignement providing unique aliveness and exceptional « Recognition Factor ».
  • => Alize technology


pure sound

The Magnetic Grounding technology is used to improve the reading of the latest ultra-fast disc readers in DVD and Blu-Ray player mechanisms. The Magnetic grounding utilizes a very strong magnetic field to damp the overshoot of the lens assembly, the most typical source of reading errors. The magnetic grounding prevents these errors while providing more precision in the signal reading.

EIDOS 36U 4k DVD and Blu-Ray Luxury Player