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State-of-the-Art Meets Magnificence

Welcome to a realm where cutting-edge innovation seamlessly blends with sheer magnificence. Meet Theia, the second gem in an exquisite quartet of audio marvels, standing shoulder to shoulder with its awe-inspiring siblings of different sizes and shapes—the majestic Gaïa, the enchanting Rhea, and the dynamic Asteria.
Theia Hifi Speakers
Theia Active Stereo Speakers

Mythological Grandeur

Drawing inspiration from Theia, the Greek titaness of sight and heavenly glory, this loudspeaker system is a tribute to the dazzling brilliance of the sky, the sun, and the moon. Theia’s name, synonymous with the radiance of the cosmos, infuses this masterpiece with the essence of celestial beauty, offering an auditory experience as clear and splendid as the heavens.

A Heritage of Design Excellence

Theia’s architecture is influenced by the design and advanced technology of the Gaïa, the most distinguished among the quartet, launched earlier in 2022 by Goldmund. Calculated with Goldmund’s exclusive Proteus LS technology and outfitted with the revolutionary Leonardo Time Correction technology through its Digital Processing System (DSP), Theia ensures a sound experience that is both pure and precise.

Hear the Difference

With Leonardo’s time correction technology at its core, Theia eliminates phase distortion, ensuring every note and chord resonates with unparalleled clarity. This technological marvel mirrors Theia’s mythological legacy, echoing the harmonic and temporal balance of the cosmos.

True Audio Fidelity

Powered by the cutting-edge Goldmund Telos Amplification, Theia boasts Telos amplifiers totaling 875 watts per unit, delivering sound that’s as potent as it is refined, even at very high levels. From thunderous lows to crystal-clear highs, its frequency response spanning from 21 Hz (-6 dB) to 25 kHz is a testament to true audio fidelity.

Wired Precision, Wireless Freedom

Theia offers flexible connectivity options, allowing for both wired and wireless connections to the sonic source. In a wireless setup, each pair of speakers can easily and seamlessly connect to a computer. Theia does not compromise on sound quality. The speaker’s DSP operates at an impressive 24-bit/96kHz, guaranteeing that the audio output maintains the highest fidelity.
Theia Architectural speakers

Design Mastery

Crafted from sleek silver-grey aluminum and complemented by matching grids, Theia wireless stereo speakers present an impeccable blend of sonic brilliance and visual appeal. Their majestic silhouette, characterized by linear contours that echo the ruggedness of stone, showcases a masterful construction devoid of visible seams or joints, epitomizing the meticulous attention to detail and excellence synonymous with our Swiss Maison. This embodies Goldmund’s steadfast dedication to the pinnacle of acoustic fidelity and aesthetic elegance.