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Experience the sound revolution


After several years of development, we aspired to create a speaker that embodies the new generation—a connected generation. The Goldmund Pulp stereo loudspeaker is the embodiment of this vision, catering specifically to modern demands. It achieves this through the seamless integration of WiSA technology, incorporated via an essential Hub component in the set. This innovation not only enhances audio transmission to superior resolutions but also redefines the limits of sound reproduction.
Pulp speakers in black color

Effortless Connectivity

The Goldmund WiSA Hub serves as the central nervous system, linking Pulp stereo speakers to various sources effortlessly, including laptops, smartphones, and TVs. For those preferring a wired setup, the hub supports HDMI and other digital sources, ensuring a stable, high-quality connection.
Pulp black wireless stereo speakers


Embrace the freedom of wireless audio with the WiSA protocol, operating at an impressive 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution. For users who love the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, the Goldmund WiSA Hub is equipped with the latest Bluetooth (aptX HD) technology and chipset. Effortlessly pair devices and enjoy seamless wireless audio streaming, giving you the flexibility to play your favorite tunes with ease.

Pulp fermée dessin web

Designed to Impress

Maintaining its iconic cylindrical aluminum silhouette, the Pulp Set combines elegance with advanced engineering. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Apologue speaker, its designer, Cécile Barani, ingeniously integrates the essence of Goldmund’s design heritage into the Pulp. Its circular shape pays homage to the Apologue’s iconic wheels, blending historical design elements into a forward-looking auditory journey.

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Pulp Stand


Pulp Bluetooth Speakers Silver Grey Pulp WiSA Speakers Matte Black

Sleek Sounds

The small, sleek cylinder is distinguished by its pivoting textile part making it a 360° readable object. Technology and design combined, Pulp is a multi-faceted speaker. Available in a choice of classic silver grey with black grids or a sophisticated matte black with matching grids, the Pulp speakers are suitable for bookshelf usage without needing a stand, or can be elevated with a custom accessory stand (sold separately) for a floor-standing display.

Aesthetic Acoustics

This ensures they seamlessly fit into a variety of spaces and aesthetic preferences. Experience the future of sound with the Pulp – a testament to where sleek design converges with exceptional sound quality.


Gaïa & Pulp Designer


Gaïa & Pulp Designer