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Crafted for Connoisseurs

As the second smallest sibling in a quartet of revolutionary audio masterpieces, Rhea joins its illustrious kin—the majestic Gaïa, the sublime Theia, and the dynamic Asteria—in setting unparalleled standards in the sphere of high-fidelity audio systems.

Elegance in Precision

Named in honor of the grand Titaness Rhea, daughter of the earth goddess Gaïa, this state-of-the-art active stereo loudspeaker system breaches the confines of conventional technology. It serves as a conduit linking the venerable past with the modern era, melding celestial lineage with the forefront of technological advancement.
Rhea HiFi Loudspeakers

Inherited Prowess

Rhea inherits the distinguished lineage of its predecessors, drawing from the Gaïa’s grandeur, the most eminent in the series. Engineered with Goldmund’s Proteus LS technology and equipped with the revolutionary Leonardo Time Correction algorithm via its Digital Processing System (DSP), Rhea delivers an audio experience that epitomizes purity and precision.

Power Meets Nuance

Harnessing the cutting-edge prowess of Goldmund Telos Amplification technology, each Rhea speaker unit is endowed with an impressive power of 650 W. Boasting a frequency response that spans from 26.5 Hz (-6 dB) to over 25 kHz, the Rhea speakers unveil a sonic landscape that is both impeccably clear and alive. Goldmund’s strategic selection of tweeters, extending beyond the audible range of 20 kHz, infuses the high-pitched frequencies with a sense of ethereality. This approach avoids the constricted and dense sound characteristic of tweeters whose frequency response ends at the auditory threshold, thereby enhancing the overall realism of the sound reproduction.
Rhea active stereo speakers

Effortless Connectivity

Rhea provides flexible connectivity options, accommodating both wired and wireless connections to your audio source. In a wireless setup, the speakers effortlessly pair with a computer, ensuring seamless integration into your listening environment. Rhea does not compromise on sound quality; the speaker’s DSP operates at an impressive 24-bit/96kHz, ensuring that the audio output remains of the highest fidelity.

Beyond Listening

Crafted from sleek silver-grey aluminum and complemented by matching grids, Rhea wireless stereo speakers present an impeccable blend of sonic brilliance and visual appeal. Their majestic silhouette, characterized by linear contours that echo the ruggedness of stone, showcases a masterful construction devoid of visible seams or joints, epitomizing the meticulous attention to detail and excellence synonymous with our Swiss Maison.
Rhea gold plate
Rhea wireless speakers

Modernity and Splendor

The speakers’ architecture employs microblasted aluminum for the vertical and edge enclosure panels, offering a stark, elegant contrast to the horizontally aligned internal panels adorned in brushed aluminum. Rhea’s Mechanical Grounding™ building technology uses physics laws to evacuate vibrations from the structure, allowing lower resonance from speakers but also from electronics, where mechanical vibrations are one of the major sources of coloration. As a result, there is no overemphasis on certain tones and the sound preserves its naturalness. This embodies Goldmund’s steadfast dedication to the pinnacle of acoustic fidelity and aesthetic elegance.

From the Pantheon to Your Home

Rhea, in Greek mythology, is celebrated for her maternal virtues and the fertility of the earth, mirroring her deep-rooted ties to the natural world. Drawing inspiration from this divine figure’s storied heritage, the Rhea device is engineered to dominate the audio landscape, delivering sound that is as natural as nature itself, with no added coloration. Rhea transcends the concept of a mere wireless speaker; it embodies an experience that defies the confines of time, inviting you to delve into an auditory journey where history and breakthrough innovation converge.
Rhea architectural speakers

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