New Speakers Unveiled

Goldmund boots at the High End Munich 2022
Goldmund at the High End Munich 2022

Goldmund, the prestigious Swiss audio equipment manufacturer, presents and inaugurates its brand-new wireless speakers at the major audio trade fair.

The High End Munich is one of the world’s largest audio trade fairs, well known for welcoming the world’s leading audiophiles and music lovers from all over the world. Held annually in the city of Munich, in Germany, the show takes place over four consecutive days. With more than 21,000 visitors each year, a wide selection of audio manufacturers gathers and present their latest products, among them the prestigious brand, Goldmund. 

For its comeback after two years of silence due to the pandemic, the Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio is putting on a big show. In a stand as grandiose as their fame, Goldmund unveils its latest small and large audio wonders. Arriving at the stand immaculately coloured in grey, black and gold, audiophiles were able to admire for the first time the new Goldmund speakers: Gaïa and Pulp.

Gaïa speakers

The Gaïa is the new flagship loudspeaker developed by the Maison Goldmund, a direct descendant of its big sisters, Apologue and Epilogue, sharing the same technical components. To mark this new generation of loudspeakers, the brand has changed its usual aesthetic and opted for a completely new design. Imagined and developed with the young French designer Cécile Barani, the Gaïa embodies femininity, elegance and beauty. As its Greek name indicates, the Gaïa’s particularity lies in its limpidity.

Evolving Goldmund’s renowned mechanical grounding technology from the classic Z-frame exoskeleton design, as seen in the legendary Apologue model, the GAIA now incorporates this important engineering feature as the internal support structure of the endoskeleton.

Using 8 drivers and 8 channels of their signature Telos amplifier and Alize DAC circuitry, the 5-way DSP active speaker produces a total of 2500 watts per channel with the added convenience of Goldmund’s exclusive wireless connection.

Pulp speakers

At the other end of the stand, despite its small size, the Pulp also did not go unnoticed by the public. The name Pulp refers to the concentration of Goldmund’s know-how in a small device. Goldmund, once again, unveils an exclusivity never done before by the Swiss brand. The small speaker is easy to access and use, weighing only 14 kilos. Available in black and light grey, the Pulp can be carried and handled at any time.

Also in collaboration with Cécile Barani, the design of the Pulp is neat, worked and innovative. It is equipped with a cover that can be opened manually with a lever at the end of the speaker. Easy to use, the Pulp speaker is aimed at both audio connoisseurs and a young, edgy audience. In making the Pulp, Goldmund has made no secret of its desire to introduce its world to a more mainstream audience.

Goldmund's booth
Goldmund lounge area

The end of the Munich High End marks the beginning of a new era for Goldmund. Together with its dynamic and meticulous team, Goldmund once again asserts its status as a leading name in the world of audiotechnology. 

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