Goldmund brand name

Goldmund is the name of a character in the novel Narcissus and Goldmund written by Hermann Hesse.

This novel, set in middle age, follows two close friends whose lives take different paths. Narcissus is a devoutly spiritual monk. He values his self-reflective cloistered life of scholarly study and worship. His best friend, Goldmund, is a restless and talented artist who sets out to wander the world to find the meaning of life.

Hermann Hesse is a German-Swiss author and his partial Swiss origin played a significant role when choosing our brand name as our company is a “Swiss Made” manufacturer of home audio equipment. Goldmund’s country of origin is a gauge of precision and quality.

Narcissus once told Goldmund: -“Ich lerne viel von dir, Goldmund. Ich beginne zu verstehen was Kunst ist.” (I learn a lot from you, Goldmund. I am starting to understand what art is.). This quote was the main trigger for choosing our brand name. It perfectly communicates our corporate mission and the essence of the brand. Our goal is to immerse our patrons in a holistic artistic experience blending several artistic disciplines throughout the entire customer’s journey.

Our brand and product models’ names pay a tribute to literature. Our sound systems, rather than just audio equipment, are sculptural masterpieces. The flawless performance offered by our sound systems in reproducing the artist’s work exactly as the artist intended, solemnly celebrates music and movies.

Goldmund has constantly tried to think of music as the art of Time: the “truth” of electro-acoustical reproduction lies entirely in the mastery of time management in information transfer, in its coherence, speed, and evacuation of vibratory disturbances. For Goldmund, the truth is subtractive: sound transparency and fidelity are achieved in the absence of “masking effects”. Each Goldmund product aesthetics is the result of a single desire: to remove any sonic signature other than the musical message itself. It is not by chance that Goldmund baptized its amplification systems by referring to the Aristotelian concept of Mimesis. Music is reproduced so faithfully that, as the bunches of grapes painted by Zeuxis, birds would approach the canvas to try to peck them.

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