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Goldmund researchers have been publishing and were cited on a variety of scientific articles.


  • V. Adam, S. Benz. “Correction of crossover phase distortion using reversed time all-pass IIR filter.” In AES 122nd Convention, preprint number 7111, Vienna, Austria, May 2007.
  • Karkar, E. Rivet, H. Lissek, D. Strobino, A. Pittet, V. Adam, A. Roux. “Electroacoustic absorbers for the low-frequency modal equalization of a room: what is the optimal target impedance for maximum modal damping, depending on the total area of absorbers?” In Proceedings of the 7th Forum Acusticum, Cracow, Poland, September 2014.
  • Lissek, S. Karkar, E. Rivet, V. Adam, T. Thorsen, Q. Berthet, A. Pittet, D. Strobino, A. Roux, C. Martin. “Experimental assessment of active electroacoustic absorbers for broadband room modes damping.” In Proceedings of the 44th Inter-Noise Congress, San Francisco, California, USA, August 2015.


  • Rivet, S. Karkar, K Lissek. “Absorbeurs électroacoustiques pour l’égalisation modale des salles: une nouvelle approche avec des haut-parleurs à double bobine.” In Proceedings of the 12th French Congress on Acoustics, Poitiers, France, April 2014.
  • Spierer, A. Upegui. “Real-time audio group delay correction with FFT convolution on FPGA.” In Proceedings of the ARC2016 – International Symposium on applied reconfigurable computing, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 2016.
  • E. Rivet, S. Karkar, K Lissek. “Egalisation modale des salles avec absorbeurs électroacoustiques.” In Proceedings of the 13th French Congress on Acoustics, LeMans, France, April 2016.

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