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In Sanskrit Satya means “truth”. In the Vedas, truthfulness is considered as an important virtue by which one is true and consistent with reality in one’s thoughts, speech, and actions. It is this coherence that characterizes the Satya amplified speakers in the technologies it uses and the performance it delivers.
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Satya gray loudspeakers


As all products in Goldmund active speaker collection, Satya loudspeaker was modeled with Proteus LS. This mathematical algorithm relies on several specifications including enclosure shape and volume, T&S parameters, driver localization, diffraction at box edges, to name a few. The modeling calculates the loudspeaker system in impedance, volume velocity, membrane displacement, and sound pressure anywhere in space, amplitude, phase, and group delay.


Leonardo 2 time correction algorithm is implemented in the speaker DSP. Leonardo suppresses most of the crossover phase distortions by digitally realigning the signal frequencies in time. Thanks to this deployment, the listener’s brain can fully focus on enjoying the sound instead of spending energy in the correction process.
Satya floor wireless speakers
Satya black speakers


Satya floor standing speakers are available in two enclosure finishes: Goldmund signature silver and matte black.
Satya audio speakers
Satya black wireless speakers
Satya black wireless speakers

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