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SACD Player

Eidos Reference SACD music player

Base on D&M SACD mechanism, integrated into the Goldmund mechanical
grounding system to evacuate vibrations and Goldmund damper to increase rigidity
of the loader mechanism for sound transparency.



SACD/ CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW/ DVD-R*/ -RW*/ +R*/ +RW* (*Audio data file only).



USB: up to 384 kHz PCM, up to 22’579.2 MHz DSD.


Dedicated Stereo Analog Audio: XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced.
SPDIF/ AES EBU/ Optical Digital Audio: up to 384 kHz PCM.
Maximum output level XLR balanced: 4 V RMS (standard) ; 8 V RMS (High).
Maximum output level RCA unbalanced: 2 V RMS (standard) ; 4 V RMS (High).


Audio Characteristics

Frequency range: 10Hz – 20kHz, 5 Hz (-0.15 dB), 24 kHz (-0.45 dB), 48 kHz (-1.4 dB), 96 kHz (-4.3 dB).
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >128 dB.
THD+N: < 0.00016% (Stereo Output). Dynamic range: > 128 dB.
Crosstalk: < 125 dB.
Standard Analog Output: 2 V.
High Analog Output: 4 V.

Power Supply

Nominal line voltage: 117 or 234 V (switchable).
Fuse 1A for 110 V and 220 V.
Input voltage range: +/- 10%.
Power Consumption: 40 W.



68 W x 80 H x 53 D (cm).
110 kg.



3 years, parts and labor.


Introduced in 2021, Goldmund flagship music player – Eidos Reference SACD – can read all audio formats available in the market (SACD/ CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW/ DVD-R*/ -RW*/ +R*/ +RW* (*Audio data file only)). To build this unit our engineers carried out ad-hoc technological developments, selected the finest providers, and implemented Goldmund acoustic and electronic achievements ascribable to over 40 years experience in the audio field.


Fully hand-made in Goldmund Gevena atelier, the Eidos Reference SACD player is proposed in two finishes: silver and black matte. Its design is rooted in the original Eidos Reference. The Eidos Reference SACD USB input can be connected to a computer and supports streaming audio formats PCM up to 384KHz and DoP up to DSD512. Other digital and analog outputs are available at the rear and can be used to plug a wide variety of audio equipment including a preamplifier, a digital acoustic processor, or an integrated amplifier.


Eidos Reference SACD player is the perfect audio source for demanding music lovers who expect their sound systems to deliver lossless audio resolution, no distortion, sculptural design, and ease of use.
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