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Introducing the Logos Wall MK2: an in-wall active speaker system designed with a singular focus on elevating your home cinema experience through cutting-edge technology. The Logos Wall epitomizes unparalleled auditory excellence, harnessing the pinnacle of home cinema sound technologies: Goldmund’s Telos, Proteus HT, Proteus LS, and Leonardo¬©, ensuring the most precise sound reproduction imaginable.

The Heart of Home Cinema

When integrated with our acoustic processors, it becomes a cornerstone of the Extreme Multichannel setup that Goldmund advocates for any discerning home cinema enthusiast. It features dual built-in Telos amplifiers that deliver a formidable 300W of power and it was designed for precise driver control, eliminating the need for complex external setups and wiring of external electronics. A single digital cable is needed and connects to the integrated amplifiers which directly interface internally with the drivers, and a digital output is available for serial speaker connections when required.

The strategic placement of drivers adjacent to the amplifiers ensures zero data loss between components, facilitating tighter driver control for a sound that’s both cleaner and more precise. The integrated DSP customizes gain, delays, and crossovers for each driver, tailoring the setup to the room’s specifications, speaker and subwoofer count, and speaker positioning. This meticulous customization enables our engineers to optimize the room’s acoustic properties, maintain the exact sound levels Goldmund’s home cinemas are known for, and process surround signals for an immersive audio experience.

Invisible Elegance

The Logos Wall’s finish is deliberately industrial, designed to be concealed within your chosen decor. This pragmatic approach by Goldmund ensures that your investment enhances the room’s aesthetics without diverting funds towards visible speaker components. With the Logos Wall, you invest in the essence of sound, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of your home cinema.