THE DAWN OF A DYNASTY: Asteria, Rhea, and Theia

High-Fidelity Wireless Speakers

Mythology Meets Music

Forged from the esteemed legacy of the Gaïa, Goldmund’s flagship model, the introduction of the Asteria, Rhea, and Theia speakers aim to redefine what’s possible for wireless speakers, combining unparalleled audio quality with distinctive yet elegant styling and the ability to adjust to your room’s unique acoustics.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the names Asteria, Rhea, and Theia reflect Goldmund’s ambition to elevate the listening journey beyond the conventional, offering a vast, deeply immersive experience across all musical genres.

Sleek Design, Superior Sound
Emerging from a rich heritage of mechanical innovation, Goldmund’s latest speaker series breaks free from the visible frame styling of the Apologue collection for a more streamlined ethos inspired by Gaïa’s iconic design. Asteria, Rhea, and Theia are each exquisitely fashioned from a distinct silver-grey aluminium alloy, harmoniously paired with matching grilles. Micro-blasted aluminium is used for the vertical and edge enclosure panels, offering a stark, elegant contrast to the horizontally aligned internal panels, which are adorned in brushed aluminium.
Speaker Features Spotlight
The Asteria offers a sublime balance of form and function, with a frequency response that stretches from 34.5 Hz to 25 kHz, powered by integrated Telos amplifiers delivering 600 watts per unit. The Rhea ensures a captivating auditory experience with its frequency response from 26.5 Hz to 25 kHz, each unit powered by 650-watt of Telos amplification. The Theia, the pinnacle of this triumvirate, extends its frequency response from 21 Hz to 25 kHz, each unit powered by 875-watt of Telos amplification, all housed within a form that is both monumental and elegantly proportioned.
Technological Excellence
The trio of speakers are all designed with Goldmund’s exclusive Proteus LS technology and equipped with Leonardo Time Correction technology through its Digital Processing System (DSP). These innovations ensure that sound is not only pure and precise but also adaptable to the unique acoustics of any space. With options for both wired and wireless connections, including a USB dongle for effortless integration with computers, the speakers DSP operates at an impressive 24-bit/96kHz, guaranteeing that the audio output maintains the highest fidelity.
Innovation Meets Elegance
The speakers employ Goldmund’s Mechanical Grounding™ building technology which use physics laws to evacuate vibrations from the structure, allowing lower resonance from speakers but also from electronics, where mechanical vibrations are one of the major sources of coloration. As a result, there is no overemphasis on certain tones and the sound preserves its naturalness.
The Goldmund Experience
This new line of speakers is an invitation to explore the depths of auditory, tactile, and visual pleasure, marking another milestone in Goldmund’s tradition of excellence.


Gaïa, Goldmund’s flagship model from which the new active stereo speaker line was forged aims to redefine what’s possible for wireless speakers.

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