Goldmund in Axpona 2024, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Audio Shows 2024

Axpona 2024
Goldmund Lights Up Axpona 2024 with High-Resolution Audio

Goldmund, in partnership with Rhythm Distribution, participated in the prominent Axpona 2024, a major hi-fi audio show in North America, held from April 12-14 in Schaumburg, Chicago. The event took place at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, where Goldmund featured their Asteria speakers in a wired setup connected to a streamer and the Qobuz high-resolution streaming app.

Introducing Our Latest Innovations

The demonstration occurred in room 664, where the Asteria was actively played. The Pulp bluetooth speakers were showcased both with and without stands, although they were not played.

A Sonic Showcase
The diverse playlists, including genres like jazz, classical, pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic, were pre-selected and also tailored to visitors’ requests. These selections helped illustrate the Asteria’s wide frequency range, clarity, and power across various sound types, and emphasized the importance of using well-engineered recordings for demonstrations but also of the flexibility to play any recording you like from your high-end loudspeaker.
Mythological performance
This event and the demonstration of the Asteria speakers provided an unparalleled opportunity to rediscover what is possible in terms of audio reproduction. Visitors experienced a new sense of auditory revelation, gaining insights into the depth and richness of sound that high-fidelity loudspeakers can offer. It was a moment of rediscovery, where the nuances and layers of sound were explored like never before.
Elevating Soundscapes

The event attracted many visitors, who were impressed by the performance of the speakers, validating Goldmund’s ongoing commitment to quality. Goldmund appreciated the interaction with numerous guests and valued the support from Rhythm Distribution, their North American representative.

Goldmund & Rhythm Distribution

Rhythm Distribution collaborates with dealers across the continent to bring Goldmund’s products closer to consumers and enhance customer service.