Goldmund Award Winner

Telos 1000 Nextgen

Widely recognized as being one of the most respected high-end audio awards, Stereo Sound attributed the Grand Prix 2021 to Goldmund for its Telos 1000 Nextgen as best power amplifier. The Japan’s Grand Prix is mostly respected for celebrating candidates under very rigorous criteria notably on innovation, fit, design, reliability and above all on the audio performance. 

This year’s memorable award is given to the Telos 1000 Nextgen power amplifier. Goldmund is committed to providing a wide range of performance products for audiophiles and music lovers around the world who want total control over their audio systems.

The Goldmund range of power amplifiers reaches a new level of quality and enjoyment, delivering extreme power at zero distortion. Passive loudspeakers in all frequency ranges on the market today need the power provided by Goldmund NextGen amplifiers to perform at their best.