Goldmund at High-End Munich 2024

Audio Shows 2024

High-End Munich 2024
Step Inside
As the illustrious High-End Munich 2024 opened its doors, we at Goldmund were thrilled to unveil a showcase that transcended the traditional boundaries of sound. We transformed our space into a music sanctuary, designed to not only exhibit our latest innovations but to immerse every visitor in a sonic experience unlike any other.
A Living Room of Pure Sound

This year, nestled in the heart of atrium 4.1 on the 1st floor, Room F117, we created an environment that mirrored the comfort of a living room—warm, inviting, and filled with the pure, crisp sound of our Asteria active wireless speakers. These marvels, finished in an elegant silver grey, were perfectly complemented by the precision of the Rose RS 130 streamer and the Mimesis 32.5 Audio Processor.

Rising Above the Acoustics
Despite the challenging acoustics of the room, the system triumphantly showcased its exquisite performance. From the deep, soulful melodies of blues and jazz to the vibrant beats of pop, rock, and electronic music, our setup captured and delivered the essence of each genre with stunning clarity and depth.
Static Elegance
Our commitment to excellence was on full display with the Pulp grey and Pulp Black speakers, each a static display of both aesthetic beauty and technical prowess. We take pride in every curve and corner of our designs, ensuring they not only deliver exceptional sound but also enhance the space they inhabit.
Transparency in Craftsmanship
A highlight of our exhibit was the new Telos 800 power amplifier, daringly presented without its top panel. This rare glimpse into the heart of our machine’s craftsmanship was our way of showing the intricate artistry that powers every note and nuance of music.
Beyond Our Walls
Extending our auditory journey beyond our main room, we also featured at the Rose stand on Hall 2, G04/J03, where our Passive Tethys Speakers played in harmony with their network streamer RS 150B. Additionally, our presence graced the cable producer Fono Acustica stand at A 4.1, E106 with some of our finest amplifiers, showcasing our versatile approach to delivering superior sound.
Expanding the Experience
The event was not just about displays and demonstrations; it was a vibrant hub for connecting with partners, the press, customers, and fellow audiophiles. Our specially designed meeting area fostered conversations that went beyond transactions, delving into discussions about passion, innovation, and the future of sound.
A Heartfelt Thank You
High-End Munich 2024 was an incredible opportunity for us at Goldmund to share our passion for high-fidelity audio. It was a platform where we celebrated our legacy, unveiled our innovations, and connected with everyone who believes, as we do, that in the world of sound, every detail matters. We thank you for stepping into our world and joining us in this journey. Here’s to more music, more moments, and more memories together. Welcome to the future of audio, crafted by Goldmund.