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Audio's New Vanguard

As the smallest sibling in a quartet of revolutionary audio masterpieces, Asteria joins its larger counterparts—the majestic Gaïa, the sublime Theia, and the dynamic Rhea—in setting new benchmarks in the realm of high-end sound systems.

Inherited Elegance

Although the most compact in size, Asteria inherits the legacy of its larger siblings, drawing design inspiration and technological prowess especially from the Gaïa, the largest and most prominent of the series. Engineered with Goldmund’s proprietary Proteus LS technology and equipped with the groundbreaking Leonardo Time Correction technology via its Digital Processing System (DSP), Asteria delivers an audio experience that is both pure and precise.

Power Meets Nuance

Boasting the latest Goldmund Telos Amplification technology, each Asteria speaker unit is powered by impressive Telos amplifiers delivering 600 watts. This sophisticated setup comprises 2 x 175 W for the tweeter and medium, and 1 x 250 W for the woofer, ensuring a sound that is as powerful as it is nuanced. With a frequency response spanning from 34.5 Hz (-6 dB) to over 25 kHz, Asteria offers a vast spectrum of crystal-clear and accurate sound.

Flexible Connectivity

Theia offers flexible connectivity options, allowing for both wired and wireless connections to the sonic source. In a wireless setup, each pair of speakers can easily and seamlessly connect to a computer. Theia does not compromise on sound quality. The speaker’s DSP operates at an impressive 24-bit/96kHz, guaranteeing that the audio output maintains the highest fidelity.

Design Mastery

Asteria is not just a speaker; it is a continuation of Gaïa’s design excellence, redefined with cutting-edge technology and acoustic innovation. It represents Goldmund’s unwavering commitment to audio perfection and design sophistication.

Clarity Meets Might

Asteria, a name resonating with the grandeur of Greek mythology, is a fitting title for a loudspeaker that aims to capture and project the essence of celestial wonder. In ancient Greek lore, Asteria was a revered titaness, a deity of the stars, whose name is derived from ἀστήρ (astḗr), the Greek word for ‘star’. This connection to the stars symbolizes the speaker’s ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realms.


Asteria’s legendary battles against giants in mythology parallel the speaker’s ability to confront and overcome the ‘giants’ of sound distortion and interference, ensuring a pure and mighty audio experience.

Naming a loudspeaker ‘Asteria’ is not just a nod to Greek mythology, but a statement of its prowess in delivering stellar sound quality, embodying the strength and beauty of its namesake goddess.


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