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Ultimate Realism is the Purpose - Advanced Technologies are the Mean

Movies are primarily created to be an emotional experience. Psychoacoustic studies show that our brains react fully to sounds that they perceive as real. In other terms, the more natural sound reproduction is, the highest the viewer experience level and involvement into the movie will be. All the technologies developed for the Goldmund Media room are directed towards this result, taking into consideration the way movie soundtracks are designed by sound engineers.

best home theater and multichannel customized solutions


Our Extreme Multichannel Technology allows a limitless multiplication of speakers in a room. It is the number of drivers that produces a perfect surround without any blanks between speakers. Just like in real life, you hear the sound moving around you. You are completely immersed into a surround sound environment.

The Media Room installation includes a hilti frame, and the system requires a U-controller.

As an example, this media room system is a 23.3 (versus 5.1). Goldmund is the only company on the audio market to propose this technological achievement.


In real life, explosions, earthquakes or a plane take off produce low frequencies but also deep vibrations. The Media Room reproduces those vibrations thanks to infra-subwoofers. You feel them going through your body which makes the experience completely realistic and highly enjoyable for action movies aficionados. The infra subwoofers are fed by powerful Telos amplifiers.

best home theater and multichannel customized solutions


Each Media Room is fully customized to the room in which it is installed. The systems are calculated thanks to a mathematical model created by Goldmund called Proteus. This software integrates all the characteristics of a room including the size, shape and structural constraints.

It simulates and precisely positions each media room element in a given environment including dozens of individual drivers, amplifiers, and custom DSP processors. This is why all media rooms have an optimal function in terms of sound level, sound quality and surround perfection.


Proteus also allows the creation of virtual speakers when structural constraints of the decor do not permit the installation of a real one. The original missing signal is recreated by Proteus then recreated by additional speakers whose delays and gains are precisely calculated to replace the missing one.

But what is unique is that we can also place a speaker anywhere in a room and re-process the signal for its exact location even if it does not exist in the original decoded format. This is what gives us unparalleled freedom in the customization of a room.


Proteus also outputs configuration files that are loaded into the amplifiers DSP’s that include the Leonardo Time Alignment Correction©, crossovers, signal mixing, gains and delays. Thanks to this digital customization of each of its drivers, the Media Room is able to provide a real life sound pressure equivalent, with a systematic cancellation of all non-linearity in amplitude, phase and time. Any Goldmund Media Room is capable of 120dB of sound pressure over the whole bandwidth (7Hz-40kHz). With the tight control of the drivers by the Telos Amplification technology, this prowess is achieved without any distortion.


The Goldmund Media Room is exclusively sold and installed by the Goldmund Custom Shop that takes care of the most demanding customers. Goldmund has a strict installation process to guarantee the best performance of all Media Rooms. For this, the Goldmund Custom Shop experts collaborate with architects or interior designers through the different phases of each project and travel from Geneva to plan the installation phase with the building team. They also fine-tune the system on site before delivery.

Service is made easy, as customers only need to refer to one provider.