The Logos Home Cinema is dedicated to an audience in search of extreme performance and complete customization for medium areas of entertainment (20 to 35 square meters). This system turns music and video into a unique level of sensations as it owes its sound and surround quality to all the technologies developed for the Goldmund Media Room, our most high tech and exclusive home cinema.

Logos Room Home Cinema and Surround Sound for Multichannel


The difference between these two systems does not lie in the technological concepts used to design them but in the equipment itself. In order to reduce costs, the Logos Room speakers come with integrated amplifiers, saving the expense of additional mechanical parts. Their installation is also simpler with less connections, no hilti frame, and the system does not require a U-controller. As a result, the Logos Room achieves almost the same performance as the Goldmund Media Room but at a much lower cost.

All Logos systems are calculated by our Acoustic Laboratory in Geneva with the Proteus room modeling software. All configurations inserted in its DSP’s are also the results of Proteus algorithms. The system thus offers a complete correction of amplitude, phase, and time, guaranteeing the cleanest and most realistic sound environment, with absolutely no distortion, even at very high levels.


Logos Home Theater comprises LogosWall speakers, SubWall subwoofers, Logos 3A infra subwoofers for the low frequency effects and a processor (up to 32 discreet channels). Just like the Media Room, it can be integrated in any room during renovation or construction and adapt to any decor. With smaller size products, it is even easier to dissimulate it in a living area, opening new possibilities for clients who do not want to dedicate a room to music, game, and video entertainment. It also facilitates the installation of the numerous speakers needed by our Extreme Multichannel Technology for a perfect panning but in a smaller environment.


Many customers have taken advantage of the Logos Room versatility to create a customized home cinema as an extension of their stereo system. Existing speakers can be integrated within the Logos Room configuration. This is obviously true with any Goldmund stand-alone speaker but also with speakers from other brands. On this point, it is worth mention for music aficionados that, when included in a Goldmund Home Theater, the stereo system quality is completely preserved. Our processors automatically switch between stereo and multichannel formats, selecting the customized configuration created in the system for each of them.


The Logos rooms are usually playing slightly lower levels than the Media Room offer but all the corrections developed by Goldmund are integrated in this system, making the sound quality incredibly more natural that competition solutions or integrator assemblies. This is also the reason why many concert enthusiasts have chosen the Logos products to create a bespoke and discreet concert multichannel system. By adding a few Logos modules to stereo speakers, we are able to recreate a perfectly lifelike concert hall sound atmosphere.The Logos home theaters and concert systems are installed worldwide by Goldmund representatives who have been thoroughly trained on all technical features of these systems and follow the instructions given by the Geneva Acoustic Laboratory for each customized room.