Infrasonic Subwoofer

LOGOS 3A kit in wall subwoofer for infrasound

The indispensable element to bringing physical impact to the low frequency effects of your favorite movies. You do not hear the Logos 3A Kit, you feel it act deeply into your body.

The Logos 3A Kit produces frequencies below 20 Hz. The human ear cannot hear them but they are indispensable to provide the physical effect felt during events such as a plane take off, an earthquake, or an explosion for instance. These are called low frequency effects (LFE) and need a specific channel that reproduces bass-only information. The LFE cannot be properly created with traditional home theatre speaker technologies. A new type of infra subwoofer speaker has thus been developed by Goldmund to add the physical impact that makes a movie experience a fully lifelike one. With a frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 Hz (-10 dB), the Logos infra-subwoofer fulfils its task with ease, dissimulated under your home cinema stairs or behind your seats.

The Logos 3A Kit infra-subwoofer has integrated amplifiers and it is available in a customizable kit. Goldmund distributor in charge of the project bases on the product official drawings and assembles the components of the infrasonic subwoofer in the most adapted layout for the room décor constraints.

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