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Michel Reverchon Goldmund Chairman & Founder, former IBM France Marketing Director

Michel Reverchon

Founder & Chairman


CEO of Goldmund from 1980 to 2018, Michel Reverchon is the founding father of the company. Described by many as a charismatic and iconoclastic character, Michel Reverchon’s vision led the company to be at the technological forefront of the luxury audio industry.

Michel Reverchon is an electronic engineer formerly Marketing Director for IBM France and currently Chairman of Goldmund International.

The grandchild of an opera singer, Michel Reverchon grew up in an environment that gave him an early and extraordinary knowledge of classical music. As a child used to attend live operas, he was struck by the lack of authenticity of recorded music, by the huge quality gap between reality and reproduction. His science versed spirit made him start all kinds of researches, tests and modifications on the equipment he had at hand at that time.

Today, his never-ending search for perfection in sound reproduction resulted in the creation of new technologies that are widely used by our competitors.

After fourty years of research and development by a team of top acoustic and electronic engineers, Goldmund has reached a technological level that no other manufacturer is able to offer. Thanks to the global vision of its leader, it has also matured as a corporation with the creation of several international business extensions in Asia, the United States of America and Monaco.

Throughout the years Michel Reverchon has instituted excellence as a corporate culture which allowed Goldmund to impose itself as the ultimate luxury brand for audio products worldwide. Goldmund products are famous for their inimitable look that reconciles the solidity and preciousness of metals as well as for refined details and finish that enhance the purity of their aesthetic.

Yohann Segala, CEO at Goldmund - Luxury Home Audio and Home cinema

Yohann Segala



With almost a decade of working experience in the audio industry, Yohann Segala occupied nearly all positions a manufacturing company has to offer. Advancing through a series of departments such as mechanics and electronics assembly, supply chain planification, and research and development engineering, Yohann’s qualifications have expanded beyond the boundaries of a traditional chief executive officer.

In complement to a garnished professional context, Yohann cumulates an academic background in advanced mathematics, electrical engineering, and business administration.

Given his career history at Goldmund, the logical evolution was for Yohann to take command of the business first as the COO – under the supervision of Michel Reverchon – and finally as the CEO. His strong business acumen combined with a capacity to understand complex issues and drive results helped Yohann leading a cross-disciplinary team and boosting corporate growth.

“The goal is always simple to see, how we get there is another story. I believe Goldmund will always be a brand, a pioneer, and will always be recognized as such, however, maintaining the status and providing the uttermost quality to clients while maintaining technology advantages is where the challenge awaits.”

Veronique Adam - Head of Acoustics at Goldmund - specialized in the fields of electro-acoustic and digital filtering.

Véronique Adam


Head of Acoustics

Dr Véronique A. Adam, Research Engineer at Goldmund, is specialized in the fields of electro-acoustic and digital filtering.

A key player in the continuous technology enhancement projects and research made by Goldmund, Dr Adam is responsible for the Proteus technology developments that include the room modeling used in our Home Theatre solutions, the loudspeaker system design and the Leonardo time distortion correction.

Dr Adam has nearly twenty years of experience in the field of electro-acoustics, and was previously a research apprentice at Laboratory of Electromagnetics and Acoustics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). In the EPFL she participated and collaborated in industrial and international research projects regarding aircraft noise reduction and active noise control. During her seven years stint in the EPFL, she also studied acoustic filter design (infrasonic domain), electrodynamics loudspeaker analyses and syntheses, interaction between sources and loudspeaker arrays.

A renowned expert in electro-acoustics, Dr Adam has addressed numerous panels around the world about the complex science of sound, and has published more than 10 international papers on this topic. Dr Adam continues to leverage her knowledge and experience to guide and keep Goldmund at the technological forefront of the international audio/video electronic market.

Dr Adam holds a Ph. D. in technical sciences from the EPFL, where she worked on her thesis “Loudspeaker Behavior under Incident Sound Fields.” She also has a Master’s degree in micro technical engineering (EPFL).

Dr Adam is a member of the Swiss AES (Audio Engineering Society) committee.

Dr Adam’s interests include piano, opera, history of 19th century music and reading. 

Christophe Mühl - Electronic Engineering and HiFi audio product developper

Christophe Mühl

R&D Manager

Electronic Engineer

Christophe Mühl is Goldmund R&D Manager and Electronic Engineer since 2018. In the field of electronic design, Christophe creates schematics and board layouts. He is also in charge of sourcing and selecting electronic components to build new technologies for future products or in replacement of obsolete components on current ones. Endowed with boundless ingenuity and a strong experience, Christophe proactively proposes new product features as well as improvements on existing ones.

Christophe has two diplomas in Electronics and a degree in Electrical Engineering. During his 30 years of professional experience, Christophe was involved in a wide range of projects in the former field. These include industrial software design, electronic design for consumer products, and the conception of rugged electronic products for harsh environments – such as wide temperatures and vibration in the automotive industry. Oriented to success, Christophe played a leadership role in Internet of Things (IoT) developing and advising several start-ups to achieve only the best outcomes.

An audiophile since his young adulthood, Christophe’s favorite hobby at the time consisted of producing HiFi audio products. That’s why the opportunity to join Goldmund was one inevitable to seize.

Luís Marques - Finance and Planning Director at Goldmund - high-end sound systems company

Luís Marques

Finance & Planning


Luís Marques joined Goldmund in January 2019 as Finance & Planning Director with responsibility for financial resource allocation, cash flow and working capital optimization, and human resources.

Luís has over 12 years of international experience with proven track record in commodities, energy, and financial markets.

Thanks to his recognized qualifications in trading strategies and sales management, Luís was invited as a speaker of several lectures and seminars.

In 2017, Luís enrolled in an Executive MBA with specialization in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the University of Geneva (UNIGE). He also holds a diploma in Financial Management and a diploma in Manufacturing Engineering.

A successful contributor to the company’s sustainable growth, Luís’ choice to change industry was in part motivated by his great passion for music. In his free time, Luís likes to bring joy to people as a guitarist in a blues quartet.

Cintia Vasconcelos Marketing Director at Goldmund - Home Audio Systems Company

Cíntia Pino

Marketing Director


Cíntia Vasconcelos is Goldmund Marketing Director since November 2018. Cíntia is responsible for developing effective marketing and communication strategies to boost business visibility and growth. Her tasks include, but are not limited to, defining the agenda of organic and paid branding opportunities, organizing event participation, developing digital and print marketing collaterals, actively feeding the corporate communication channels, managing media relations, and advise on new product creation.

Cíntia holds an Executive MBA with specialization in Strategic Marketing and a master’s degree in Clinical Analysis and Public Health.

Previously Marketing Director in an online social media company, Cíntia gave several talks in Brazil, France, and Switzerland in marketing and women leadership topics. In 2016, Cíntia served as member of the jury of the French Marketing Review Research Award.

“To market any brand successfully” Cíntia declares “it is fundamental to align marketing and sales strategies to customers’ decision making and purchase mechanisms”.

Rodolphe Boulanger - Sales Director at Goldmund which produces the best wireless speakers in the world

Rodolphe Boulanger

Sales Director


Sales Director at Goldmund, Rodolphe Boulanger is responsible for animating and developing a network of distributors and retailers across international markets (Europe, US, and Asia).

Rodolphe educational background includes a Post-Graduation in French-Italian Business Relationships, a Master of Foreign Languages applied to International Trade, and a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages.

Since the start of his professional career in 1997, Rodolphe has occupied different Sales positions in the textile industry before switching to the Hi-Fi audio industry in 2013.

“No Goldmund production should spend too much time in our inventory.” Rodolphe says. “Our devices and systems are meant to be in the company of Men and Women – preferably real music lovers.”

Antonio Sanna - Head of Technical Support & Music lover

Antonio Sanna

Head of Technical


Antonio Sanna is Head of Technical Support at Goldmund.

Involved in R&D, Production, Customer Service, and Commercial activities, Antonio’s tasks include testing individual electronic boards and finished products, creating and maintaining Audio Precision test procedures, manage the quality of restored, repair and new products, install systems at the customer’s, develop service manuals, and ensure coherence of product technical specifications across channels. 

Holder of two diplomas in Electronics, before joining the audio systems market in 2010 Antonio was a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator at Rolex.

Antonio is member of the board of directors of a non-profit housing & supermarket cooperative part of purchasing and logistic. Antonio is passionate by rehabilitating vintage household appliances. His motto: everything is repairable, nothing is thrown away.

Viatcheslav Reznikov - Business Development Director at Goldmund - digital audio company

Viatcheslav Reznikov

Business Development


Business Development Director at Goldmund since 2018, Viatcheslav Reznikov immediately excelled in his executive career track. At Goldmund, his responsibilities consist of expanding the company’s product penetration into new markets and managing relationships with suppliers.

Influenced by his military and sports background, Viatcheslav has always been results driven. Viatcheslav has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Prior to Goldmund, Viatcheslav held a managerial position in a Monaco yacht company and was a broker-flight operator in the private aviation.

Viatcheslav early accomplishments at Goldmund include production optimization thanks to the decline in supplier time-to-deliver, provider contract negotiation and cost reduction for equivalent level of product & service quality, and a rise in product outflow.

Jean-Pierre Scheller Maintenace & Repair Supervisor and audio system addict

Jean-Pierre Scheller

Maintenance & Repair


Jean-Pierre Scheller worked 10 years as soundman in a public broadcasting company, and rehabilitated electronic goods at Sony for another 10 years.

Holder of a diploma in electronics, Jean-Pierre joined Goldmund in 2000 as repair technician where he progressed to his current position with determination and commitment. Jean-Pierre’s tasks comprise testing new products and repairing used ones. During his almost 20-year career at Goldmund, Jean-Pierre had the chance to restore and test mythical products such as the Apologue Anniversary.

A man of passion, Jean-Pierre divides his free time between his farming activities and long hours of music reproduced by the Goldmund Epilogue 1.



Goldmund production team is responsible for developing and supporting systems used in daily manufacturing operations. Thanks to their meticulous work, every audio product we deliver to our customers meets the highest quality standards.

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