MIMESIS 11 – Hub


The convenience of a stereo wireless hub connecting all your sources and bringing outstanding lossless audio quality to your home.


  • 3 digital inputs:
  • In1 RCA S/PDIF.
  • In2 Toslink optical.
  • In3 USB Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows).Any inputs from 1 to 3 can receive stereo audio encoded signal up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32 compatible DSD over PCM.
  • 1 analog input:
  • In4 RCA 2-channel.


  • 4 parallel Digital RCA S/PDIF 2-channel outputs.
  • 1 Wireless outputs 4 channels max.


  • 2 knobs for input selection and volume control.
  • Numeric displays for input selection.
  • Numeric displays for volume.
  • Power and lock LED.


  • Nominal line voltage: 115V or 230 V (switchable).
  • Input voltage range: +/- 15 %.
  • Rated power consumption: 11 W.
  • 1,6 A delayed fuse.
  • ON/OFF power switch key.
  • Main voltage selector.


  • 44 W x 14 H x 36.5 D (cm) – 17.3 W x 5.5 H x 14.2 D (inch).
  • 8 kg.


  • 3 years, parts and labor.

The Goldmund Mimesis 11 proposes a new and simpler solution to connect Goldmund wireless speakers in a 2-channel system. Equipped of a built-in wireless transmitter, it connects all your digital sources such as players, TV’s, computers or video games consoles, but it also comes with analog connectors so you can enjoy your beloved turntable. The Mimesis 11 output signal can be sent by S/PDIF as well (4 parallel coaxial RCA outputs), which will allow you to use it with any digital amplifiers or active speakers. It is a user-friendly, plug and play unit delivered in a small and discreet aluminum enclosure. Its remote control is ultra-simple and based on the Apple universal remote.